Is your web hosting control panel safe ?

< 1 min read Recently one of the biggest online security research companies, Rack911, published their security audit analysis of the current most popular online web hosting control panels. We feel it is an interesting read and urge all customers running web hosting control panels to read it. Please follow this link for the full article.


Fix MySQL database corruption

4 min read Before you attempt to repair corrupted tables, you should back your database files first. Yes, it’s already broken but this is to minimize the risk of possible further damage which may be caused by a recovery operation. There is no guarantee that any action you take will not harm untouched data blocks. Forcing InnoDB recovery with values greater than 4 can corrupt data files, so make sure you will do it with prior backup and ideally on a separate physical copy of the database. To back up all of the files from all of your databases, follow these steps: Stop…


SSH best practices

7 min read Secure your Linux system’s SSH connection to protect your system and data. System administrators and home users alike need to harden and secure internet-facing computers, but SSH can be complicated. Here are ten easy quick-wins to help protect your SSH server. Use SSH Protocol Version 2 In 2006, the SSH protocol was updated from version 1 to version 2. It was a significant upgrade. There were so many changes and improvements, especially around encryption and security, that version 2 is not backward compatible with version 1. To prevent connections from version 1 clients, you can stipulate that your computer will only…