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This article applies to KVM SSD servers only.

Apart from our pre-made templates clients have acces to cd/dvd images also called ISO.

ISOs available to install from client area are:

OpenSuse Tumbleweed
Proxmox Mail Gateway
Windows 2016 ( on selected servers only)
Windows 2019 ( on selected servers only)

If the ISO you are looking for is not in our library, we will be more then happy to add it.

Please open a ticket on our helpdesk supplying us with a link to the ISO, and we will make it available to you within 48 hours.

For a tutorial on how to install your server via ISO please follow this tutorial

We want to hear your thoughts about this. Is there anything in particular that you love about it? What can we do to improve our services and experience? Leave a comment below or open a ticket on our helpdesk and we’ll personally review all suggestions and feedback. 

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